Grow your business sustainably

Companies are meant to grow. Our mission is to enable companies to grow and develop in a climate-friendly way.

Time to move from words to deeds.

Carbon offsetting is a simple and effective way to reduce the impact of your company to the climate change along with reducing emissions. With domestic offsetting projects, it is possible to do all this in a more transparent and concrete way, compared to projects implemented further away.

We offset emissions on behalf of companies with the help of the Finnish forest. Our cooperation benefits the climate, forest owners and companies. Finnish the climate change!


We always strive to offer our customers a climate responsibility program that reduces emissions and is as effective as possible.

The climate responsibility program we offer includes the following measures:


The survey examines the current state of the company. In this case, the most effective emission reduction targets can be determined and the amount of compensation required can be determined. To make a survey, basic information about a company’s consumption, such as office electricity consumption, is needed.


Reducing emissions is a measure that will ultimately change the company's operations in a more climate-friendly direction. Emission reductions can be implemented in many ways, such as by improving energy efficiency.


It is not always possible to change all emission-producing processes to carbon neutrals immediately. In order to maximize the benefits for the climate as quickly as possible, emissions that cannot be reduced should be offset.


Reporting is an essential part of both monitoring the development of emissions and verifying compensation.


Our offsetting projects often use a combination of different projects to achieve the most comprehensive compensation.
Carbon sequestration refers to an increased amount of log wood compared to the initial situation, in which the carbon remains bound for a very long time. Check out our projects in more detail below! 


The most straightforward of our projects is afforestation, also known as planting. In the project, carbon dioxide is captured from the air by planting trees in an area where no forest would be created without the help of NGS Finland. Such areas are, for example, fields that are no longer subsidized but for which afforestation would not be affordable or able to be carried out without our help. The afforestation project will achieve a long-term and much-studied impact on the climate.

Prolongation of forest's rotation period

Modern forestry is often very aggressive. The stand is typically felled at a stage where carbon sequestration could continue for decades to come. With the support we provide, it is profitable to allow the forest to grow longer than originally planned, which will increase the share of logs in the stand.

Combination project

Our most used model is a combination project, where part is implemented with the Afforestation project and part with the Prolongation of forest's rotation period project. This project combines the benefits of both, making the impact immediate and long-lasting.

Should we increase your climate responsibility?

Increasing environmental friendliness does not happen in an instant. By offsetting your company's carbon footprint with our help, you buy time to increase your company's responsibility.

Let us know the needs of your company, and together we will develop a suitable way to take care of the climate.

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Reducing and offsetting emissions are simple ways to reduce companies impact on the climate change. That’s why we developed a service that makes it as easy as possible to reduce and offset emissions.

We got tired of empty talk and decided to take action. Finnish the climate change!