Climate-responsible growth for your company

Companies’ mission is to grow and develop, our mission is to enable this through climate-responsible methods.

NGS Finland

NGS Finland was founded to enable an easy transition from words to action, as this benefits both companies and the climate. We were born out of a need for climate change action, and a platform for those who want to have an impact alongside us.

NGS Finland helps companies maintain operational profitability within the bounds of climate change. This is executed through a climate responsibility program, or by utilizing parts of it. The program consists of calculation, reduction and potential compensation of companies’ emissions, as well as comprehensive reports of all actions.

Our services

We want to offer all companies the opportunity to increase their climate responsibility within their resource limitations. We create solutions that enable companies to increase climate responsibility in a concrete, transparent and Finnish way – no matter the industry or situation.

Carbon footprint mapping and calculation

Includes mapping emission sources as well as emission calculations and reports.

Emission reduction

Based on the reports, the company’s true emission sources are identified, leading to an outline of required emission reductions.

Emission compensation

The company’s emissions are compensated either in full or partially with NGS Finland’s compensation projects.

Our goal is to be the sole required partner for our customers in any matter related to climate change. Together with our customer, we set out and execute a tailored climate responsibility program either in full, or through only selected components.


In forest rotation prolongation projects, the growth of forests subject to final felling is extended. Even though the growth itself is no longer profitable, it is still sensible from the carbon sequestration perspective. Thanks to the continued growth, the share of log-bound carbon dioxide in the forest increases, and the carbon stays bound for a longer period of time.

In afforestation projects, forests are created in areas where they naturally would not grow efficiently. This way, an entirely new carbon sink is created.

The right solution is often a combination of these two projects, resulting in their best aspects driving impact in parallel.

We are also constantly researching and developing new methods for binding carbon from the atmosphere.

About us

NGS Finland was founded to enable climate action for anyone. Get to know our team which offers their expertise and passion to your company, so that you can join us in concrete actions to thwart climate change.

We were born out of a need for climate change action, and a platform for those who want to have an impact alongside us.

Our team


Antti Laakso

Development Director

As Development DirectorI oversee the development of company operations, as well as research and development of processes and quality assurance.


Miikka Evesti

Managing Director

As Managing Director, I am responsible for company sales and finance. For me, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, and I am especially interested in integrating sustainable development in capitalism.


Tiia Ilola

Carbon Footprint Specialist

Juha Saarinen

Chairman of the Board